Print. Digital. Websites. Trade shows. Branding. Just about any type of media or kind of project you can think of, I have worked on during my years as a graphic designer. I pride myself on working efficiently. Always on time and always on budget - and always creatively. I've worked with clients large and small - in tight deadline driven agency environments and in the free-form world of freelance. This provides me with a wide spectrum of experience to draw from.


The gallery to the left shows a random cross section of work I have designed over the years. Feel free to scroll through and get a sense of what RadzMedia has done and can do for you.


In conjunction with my new Airlock Studio for voiceovers, radio/internet audio ads, and music composition, I can create  a solution for just about all of your visual and audio needs.

The process of creating something can be long or short, intense or laid back. Creativity can't be quantified - but the process can. In the case studies below, I outline the creative process for a few of my clients' projects. I wanted to shine a little light on the process so you can get a sense of the ongoing work I do with my clients every day. I've always been creative. Since I was a child I was creating art. But in RadzMedia it's not about my vision - it's about yours. I set my ego aside and my task is to bring your vision to reality. That takes time, communication and a clear creative direction.


Scroll through the case studies below and go on an abbreviated journey from concept to completion for some of my design projects ranging from websites to illustrations, brand creation to album cover design.